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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I must admit, having delicious breakfast at a cafe is something I'm widely fond of. It's a past time that I don't get to do often, so when the opportunity arises to have breakfast that's not at 6:30 am, biscuits at 6:30am or anything really at 6:30am, I'll jump to the opportunity to do so.

This cafe in Oatley had overly huge mugs of coffee available, and I ordered the toast with banana, cinnamon, maple and almonds. I don't even usually like bananas, but this was delicious!! It's something that seems easy enough to also make at home.

(sigh... I'm having one of those days where technology is failing me left, right and center. Apologies for the thumbnail of the images.. I'll try and get it fixed soon.)


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