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Monday, February 28, 2011

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Initially, I created this blog as means to show the world the things that inspire me and look breathtaking even if they're just things we see everyday. We don't have to be in the Caribbean or somewhere extraordinary to see amazing things. Sometime it's the paraphernalia in our homes or things we see on the street that inspire us and spark our creativity.

Though I feel like I've never been able to create this blog to be what I really wanted it to be, as I've never been able take photos of the one thing that inspires me all the time... people's fashion. As a person studying fashion, the way people dress themselves to express their individuality is something I find in awe of and sometimes stare at for a few second too long, wishing I had my camera to capture the moment (very embarrassing when they catch me staring... I promise I'm not trying to be a creeper). So, I've decided that I'm finally going to grab the courage to take photos of those who inspire me. As my friends would know, this is something I've said on numerous occasions, but really... I'm actually going to do it this time.

This doesn't mean I'm going to stop taking photos of other random things, but rather I'm going to incorporate fashion into this blog. I still very much enjoy takings photos of random streets, animals, food (especially food), and etcetera.

Golden Flare will and hopefully become a inspirational and random blog.


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